Types of electronic scoreboards

In this era, the levels of technology are taken higher and higher. The sports industry of course isn’t left behind, as it would always want to keep up with the best trends to excite fans more, especially when it comes to the equipment being used. After all, sports is still a form of entertainment. Keeping up with these new technologies, stadiums are upgrading to include features such as the Wi-Fi access and electronic score boards among others. Improvements of these score boards have been dramatic over time with the goal of improving their functionality in terms of displaying useful information to fans, making them easy to use. One can easily find an electronic scoreboard Australia shops sell in many varieties, and this article highlights some of the most common ones.

Old style scoreboard

This is the most basic scoreboard. It is basic due to its functionality which mainly involves updating the players on the game scores, inning, possession and time remaining for the game to end. This type of scoreboard is preferred by most fans as it is easier to focus on the game to quickly see how their team is doing. In addition, they are simple and the design is not as expensive as others to make and install, making them a good option for schools as these update fans perfectly well.

Fairly basic scoreboard

This is the next most popular type whose design is built on the basic design of the old style scoreboard. However, its functionality is more advanced from just presenting digital score and time. It’s also designed to present other information like names of the players and other details, for example, fouls. A combination of its basic design and extra information makes it very useful. Other scoreboards of this design may include sponsor panels and ticker style display, which are used for displaying advertisements. Many schools have this electronic scoreboard Australia shops sell, in place as they have the advantage of being customized to meet any of their needs.

Full interactive display

Then there is the full interactive display scoreboard. This type of scoreboard has built in it all the features of the other two types. In addition to these features is a large LED video panel, which may either be an individual large panel on the score board or several panels of smaller size giving them the ability to display different content as the game continues. Also, these LED panels allow the score board to perform the basic function which is to update the fans on the game’s progress. Another benefit of this design is its multimedia make that can display live action in addition to instant replays, player interviews on the action field, not forgetting the advertisements and promotions. This extra information being displayed helps to keep fans engaged during break periods as well as informing them about the teams they are supporting. These large displays are also useful during concerts to display live performances.